from New Born by Lovely Dark



At the waterfall / You felt the river pulling you in / Branching beneath your skin / The source was within you / Cut yourself open / Cut yourself open / Show me / Water falls / Slips between your fingers, your open palms / The truth is finally coming out / The mystery is spelled out in light, and I have seen it, I think that I’ve touched it / I found it in the waves, and all around me / Rising to take me / Rising to take me / Standing before the crowd / With your accusers gathering round / They’re lighting the fire now / Up there on the pyre / Could you see it? / Did you reach out and touch it? / The truth was in the flames, and all around you / Spinning around you, turning in orbit, all the universe inside of you / When the spark begins to catch / Will it burn, will it burn, will it burn / These pages black / When the torchbearer lifts the lantern high / no disguise will survive in the light / Like seeds taking root in the ash / All that was meant to will come to pass / The fire’s beginning to catch


from New Born, released August 11, 2017
Lovely Dark is:
Sonia Even: Vocals
Travis Even: Guitar & Vocals
Max Becker: Drums & Aux Percussion
Ben Johnston: Drums
Al Erbach: Bass & Vocals
Jon Hunt: Guitar & Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Ben Durrant at Crazy Beast.
Mastered by Huntley Miller at HM Mastering.


all rights reserved



Lovely Dark Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dark, anthemic indie rock vibes from Minneapolis, MN. We make loud, pretty music about witches and physics.

“There’s a certain wilderness about Lovely Dark that no other band captures, and you’ll grow hungry for it...

“Layered and theatrical … like a walk through a fairy-tale forest” (89.3 the Current).​
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